Pilsētas filtrs


Flower delivery in Riga and Latvia are provided through our flowers courier service. Delivery in Riga and Jurmala is carried out for about three hours. Flower delivery in Valmiera, Cesis, flower delivery, flower delivery in Jelgava, Flower delivery Valmiera and other major cities is done during the day!

Flower delivery

Weekdays: 9:00 to 20:00

Saturday, Sunday: 10.00 - 17.00

Flower delivery and charges:

Flower delivery in Riga - 7.00 EUR

Flower delivery in Jurmala - 12.00 EUR


For flower delivery ensuring county, town or city area, please contact us and arrange individual.

To deliver flowers on weekends, the order must be written and must be paid before Sunday's at. 15:00

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